Unveiling the Future: Exploring iOS 17’s Excellent Features and Updates

The release of a new iOS version is one of the most eagerly awaited events in the IT world. The digital landscape is continuously changing. Apple’s iOS has long been the gold standard for mobile operating systems thanks to its sleek design, intuitive user interface, and cutting-edge capabilities. 

With each new iteration, Apple strives to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of mobile technology. In this article, we’ll delve deep into the exciting world of iOS 17, exploring its excellent features and updates.

The Heart of iOS 17: Top Features Explored

1. Interactive widgets: Enhancing User Experience

Interactive Widgets

Image by Apple

Exciting enhancements are on the horizon for iOS 17’s home screen widgets. They’re about to become more versatile, offering interactivity that extends to both the Lock Screen and the innovative StandBy view.

Apple is bringing a host of interactive features to the table, allowing users to effortlessly check off tasks on their to-do lists, pause music playback, or even manage their smart-home devices, among other handy functions. While Android users have enjoyed similar capabilities for some time now, the prospect of having these features on iPhones is certainly enticing.

Until recently, I’ve primarily seen widgets as a boon for iPad users. However, the upcoming interactive versions are poised to make a more prominent appearance on my iPhone’s home screen.

2. StandBy mode: Your iPhone’s New Sidekick

StandBy mode: Your iPhone's New Sidekick

Image by Apple

With this new feature, your iPhone transforms into a compact smart display or a clock when placed on its side while charging. Although I currently lack a stand, such as the Twelve South Forté, which could enhance my StandBy experience, I’m open to the possibility if it proves as valuable as it seems.

Beyond its role as a stylish alarm clock replacement, StandBy seamlessly integrates with iOS 17’s interactive widgets mentioned earlier, offering you quick access to information like the latest news updates, weather, and more.

Although its current capabilities may seem somewhat constrained (not all widgets are supported yet), StandBy could very well emerge as the hidden gem of the latest iOS.

3. Better autocorrect: A Typing Game-Changer

Better autocorrect: A Typing Game-Changer

Image by Apple

While it may not steal the spotlight, one of the most utilitarian iOS 17 features could very well be the upgraded autocorrect functionality. This update reportedly leverages a transformer language model, similar to the technology employed by ChatGPT, promising significantly swifter correction of typing errors.

Moreover, this enhanced autocorrect has the potential to streamline our typing experience. Much like Gmail, its predictive intelligence enables you to simply tap the space bar to accept its recommended phrases and sentences, potentially reducing the need for additional keystrokes.

4. FaceTime on Apple TV: Bringing Convenience to the Screen

FaceTime on Apple TV: Bringing Convenience to the Screen

Image by Apple

While this feature may cater to a more specific audience, it’s worth noting that you’ll require an Apple TV equipped with tvOS 17, meaning you’ll need at least a 2nd-gen Apple TV 4K or a later version. Nonetheless, the prospect of effortlessly conducting FaceTime calls through my Apple streaming device has been a wish of mine since the onset of the pandemic, and it’s now a reality.

Given that most TVs lack built-in cameras, this feature ingeniously utilizes Continuity Camera to transform your iPhone into a webcam substitute. While I’m still uncertain about the optimal viewing distance from the TV due to the iPhone’s wide-angle main camera, it’s reassuring to know that Center Stage technology will ensure I stay perfectly framed. Consequently, this ranks high among the iOS 17 features I’m eager to put to the test.

5. An improved Siri: A More Conversational Assistant

An improved Siri: A More Conversational Assistant

Image by Apple

While Siri may sometimes seem like a relic from a previous era of technology, iOS 17 holds the promise of much-needed enhancements for Apple’s voice assistant.

To begin with, you’ll no longer need to say ‘Hey, Siri’ to activate it; a simple ‘Siri’ will be enough. Admittedly, this may not represent a monumental leap forward, as I typically use the side button to activate Siri and set timers.

However, what truly piques my interest is the ability to issue a series of follow-up commands without the need to reiterate ‘Siri’ for each one. It feels like we’ve been waiting for more conversational voice assistants for a while, and this marks a significant stride in that direction.

6. Offline Apple Maps: Navigating Beyond Connectivity

Offline Apple Maps: Navigating Beyond Connectivity

Image by Apple

I usually use Google Maps, but Apple Maps has been getting better lately. I’m thinking about giving it another try because it’s finally getting a feature I’ve been wanting for a long time – offline maps in iOS 17.

You see, Google Maps has had offline maps for a while. They’re really handy when you’re going to places with weak or no phone signals.

With Apple Maps now offering offline maps, you can pick a specific area of the map before your trip, get step-by-step directions, and even find that hidden restaurant when you don’t have Wi-Fi or cell service. If you drive an electric car, Apple Maps is also adding a feature that tells you where to find charging stations in real-time along your route.

7. NameDrop: The Modern Business Card

NameDrop: The Modern Business Card

Image by Apple

I’m still a bit unsure about Contact Posters, which is one of the new features in iOS 17. It allows you to create a custom poster that shows up on your friend’s iPhone screen when you call them. But there’s another feature called NameDrop that sounds really practical, and I might start using it instead of traditional business cards.

With NameDrop, all you need to do is make sure AirDrop is enabled on your phone. Then, when you’re near someone else’s iPhone and you hold your phone close to theirs, your contact information should pop up, and you can easily share your email or phone number.

I say “should” because AirDrop hasn’t always been super reliable in my experience. Let’s hope it works smoothly and quickly as Apple claims. Otherwise, there might be some awkward moments while waiting for it to do its thing.

Unveiling iOS 17: The Complete Features List

  • Stickers Drawer (Messages / third-party apps)
  • Live Stickers (Messages / third-party apps)
  • Leave a video message (FaceTime)
  • Gesture-activated AR effects (FaceTime)
  • FaceTime on Apple TV (FaceTime)
  • StandBy (iPhones w/ Always-On displays)
  • NameDrop (AirDrop)
  • Proximity-based sharing (AirDrop)
  • Over-internet transfers (AirDrop)
  • Proximity-based SharePlay (AirDrop)
  • Journal (iOS general)
  • Contact Posters (Phone)
  • Live Voicemail (Phone)
  • Unified apps menu (Messages)
  • Check-In (Messages)
  • Catch-up (Messages)
  • In-line replies (Messages)
  • Search filters (Messages)
  • Inline location (Messages)
  • Audio message transcription (Messages)
  • Improved autocorrect (Keyboard)
  • Vision health check-in (Health)
  • Sensitive Content Warning (Messages / AirDrop / FaceTime / Phone / third-party apps)
  • Grocery list auto-sort (Reminders)
  • View and mark-up PDFs (Notes)
  • Enhanced AutoFill (PDFs)
  • AirPlay in your hotel room (AirPlay)
  • Adaptive Audio (AirPods Pro 2nd generation)
  • Improved Automatic Switching (AirPods Pro 2nd generation)
  • Offline maps (Maps)
  • Enhanced EV routing (Maps)
  • ‘Siri’-only wake word (Siri)
  • Back-to-back requests (Siri)
  • App Shortcuts in Top Hit (Spotlight)
  • Visual search results (Spotlight)
  • Enhanced Visual Look Up (Photos)
  • Work and personal profiles (Safari)
  • Faster search (Safari)
  • Enhanced Private Browsing (Safari)
  • Password sharing w/ trusted contacts (iOS general)
  • Collaborative playlists (Music)
  • Smart device suggestions (AirPlay)
  • Mental health check-in (Health)
  • Activity History (Home)
  • Cat and dog recognition (Photos)
  • New drawing tools (Freeform)


As we embrace the future with Apple’s latest iOS, it’s evident that Apple’s dedication to innovation continues to enhance our digital lives. Whether you’re a seasoned Apple enthusiast or considering making the switch, iOS 17 offers a dynamic and user-friendly experience that caters to a diverse audience.


Which phones get iOS 17?

The new OS is compatible with iPhone SE (2nd generation) and later models, including iPhone XR (2018 release) and subsequent devices. However, It’s advisable to check Apple’s official website or the software update settings on your device to confirm if your phone is eligible for the latest iOS update.

Which devices will not get iOS 17?

With the latest iOS, three additional iPhone models will no longer be supported by Apple’s latest mobile operating system: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

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