All You Need to Know about Apple Watch Series 9 Impressive Design and Features

Apple’s new creation, the Apple Watch Series 9, is proof that they’re still all about making cool, good-looking stuff that’s easy to use. They’ve been nailing it in the wearable tech world ever since the first Apple Watch came out eight years ago.

During an event on September 12, Apple shared some exciting details about the Apple Watch Series 9. This new model comes with the impressive S9 SiP and a clever 4-core Neural Engine.

These innovations bring some cool features, like having Siri right on your device – it doesn’t have to connect to the internet to help you anymore. Plus, it boasts a brighter screen compared to earlier versions, an upgraded Ultra Wideband capability, and more storage space.

This article will delve into the impressive design and features of the Apple Watch Series 9.

2023 Apple Watch: Series 9 Design

Image by Apple

The design of the Apple Watch Series 9 stays the same, with the familiar 41mm and 45mm sizes to pick from. You have a selection of colors to choose from, including:

  • For the aluminum version: Midnight, Pink Starlight, Silver, or Product (Red).
  • And for the stainless steel version: Gold, Graphite, or Silver.

The Series 9’s exterior resembles that of the Series 8, 7, or even the Series 6 on the outside. Apple has maintained this sleek and unique “squircle” look for approximately ten years. Although a fresh look would be cool, I have to admit this design still works great.

One notable improvement is the screen’s brightness, which can go up to 2,000 nits. It’s twice as bright as the older model.

Apple Watch Series 9 Software: watchOS 10

Image by Apple

After the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 5, we got a sneak peek at several upcoming features and apps in the Apple Watch software. These include a fresh way to navigate and redesigned apps in watchOS 10. You’ll also have new Clocks and Watch faces to pick from, as well as additional apps and updates for existing ones, like the Compass and Maps app, along with the new Health features.

The watchOS 10 is already available for download from September 18. It’s compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 and newer models.

2023 Apple Watch: Series 9 Features & Specs

Double Tap

Double tab feature

Image by Apple

When you can’t tap the screen of your watch, Apple has developed a feature called “Double Tap.” Simply tap your finger and thumb together twice to use this feature. It appears as though you have touched the screen or hit the app’s primary button because of the sensors included in the Apple Watch and the strength of the Neural Engine.

For instance, you can use Double Tap to stop a timer, snooze an alarm, or answer a phone call. It even lets you open a Smart Stack from the Apple Watch face, allowing you to scroll through widgets in a stack without touching the screen.

The good news is that Double Tap will become available through a software update in October 2023.

On-Device Siri and Health Queries

Siri won’t require an internet connection. This means that using Siri won’t require Wi-Fi or cellular service. This will not only expedite processes but also enable you to utilize Siri for other tasks, such as providing and receiving information, that may not have been previously possible. For instance, you can use your voice to ask Siri to start a new workout or to check your heart rate.

Now that Siri is “on-device,” Apple Watch wearers can ask Siri health-related queries like finding their average walking heart rate. Even recording when you’ve taken medication can be done via voice logging.

As per Apple, Siri Health Queries will be available later this year.

S9 SiP

S9 Sip chip

Image by Apple

The Apple Series 9 Watch boasts a significant chip upgrade with the introduction of the S9 SiP. This marks the most substantial chip improvement in several years. In comparison, the S8 chip in the Series 8 Apple Watch from 2022 didn’t offer a substantial power boost over the S7, which, in turn, wasn’t significantly better than the S6. The S6 provided only a 20% increase in performance over the Series 5, released back in 2019.

Apple mentions that the S9 chip incorporates 60% more transistors, totaling 5.6 billion, compared to the S8. Additionally, Apple claims the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is 30% faster than in previous versions.

As rumored, the chip also includes a Neural Engine, as anticipated.

Neural Engine

The Apple Watch Series 9 now includes a brand-new 4-core Neural Engine, which handles machine learning tasks “up to twice as fast when compared to the Apple Watch Series 8,” as stated by Apple.

This Neural Engine, along with a machine learning algorithm, teams up with the accelerometer, gyroscope, and optical heart sensor in the Watch to drive features like the Double Tap gesture and on-device Siri.

U2 ultra-wideband chip

U2 Ultra wide band chip

Image by Apple

The Series 9 Apple watch comes with an improved ultra-wideband chip that enhances its capability to track the location of objects. This upgrade introduces the Precision Finding feature, which proves valuable when searching for a misplaced iPhone. Users can now track their iPhone 15 with even more precise on-screen information about its whereabouts. This includes details like distance and direction, along with visual and haptic guidance, making it easier to locate an iPhone 15.

Brighter screen


Image by Apple

The latest Series 9 Watch comes with a significantly brighter screen compared to its predecessors. It takes the brightness from 1,000 nits to an impressive 2,000 nits. These enhancements make it much easier to read text on the screen, even in bright sunlight.

What’s more, you can also reduce the screen brightness to just 1 nit to avoid disturbing others. Additionally, the Night mode now activates automatically in low-light conditions.

Battery life

The S9 chip was speculated to adopt a fresh A15 design, promising enhanced performance and longer battery life. Surprisingly, despite its increased power and brighter screen, the S9 chip is so energy-efficient that the Apple Series 9 maintains the same 18-hour battery life as its previous version.

The All-new Series 9 Tech Specs

  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • CPU: All-new S9 SiP
  • Battery Life: Up to 18 hours
  • Operating System: watchOS 10
  • GPS: Yes
  • Case Material: Aluminum, Stainless steel
  • Colors: Midnight, Starlight, Silver, Pink, Red, Graphite, Gold
  • Storage: 64GB
  • Battery Life: Up to 18 hours
  • Health sensors: oxygen sensor, heart sensor, third-generation optical heart sensor, high dynamic range gyroscope, temperature sensor, accelerometer.
  • Price: $399
  • Weight: 31.9g (41mm) / 38.7g (45mm)
  • Brightness: 2,000 nits
  • Water resistance: 50 meters

Apple Watch Series 9:Final thoughts

The Series 9 seems like a minor upgrade compared to the Series 8. It does introduce some new features like Precision Finding and quicker Siri performance, which make it a better companion for your smartphone. However, it might not be worth the upgrade unless you’re buying it for the first time or already own a Series 6 or an earlier version.

If you’re coming from an older watch like the Series 6, there are definite advantages. Besides the new features on this year’s model, you’ll enjoy a larger screen with a keyboard, a temperature sensor, and notably faster performance compared to a watch that’s a few years old.

For those who have an Apple Watch SE and want more health metrics, the Series 9 offers a worthwhile upgrade.

Similar to recent Apple Watch updates, such as the Series 8’s temperature sensor, the Series 9’s new features have the potential to become even more valuable over time. This indicates a promising direction for the Apple Watch, aligning with Apple’s pattern of alternating between introducing new health sensors and enhancing convenience and the overall user experience. This year seems to focus on the latter aspect.

At the moment, though, the Series 9 feels more like a refreshed version of the Series 8 rather than a completely new generation.


What is the difference between Apple Watch Series 8 and 9?

The Series 9 and Series 8 are very similar smartwatches, with the most notable differences being the Series 9’s upgraded S9 chip and the introduction of the new Double Tap Gesture.

What is the difference between Apple Watch SE and Series 9?

In a nutshell, the Series 9 includes a range of sensors that the SE lacks, such as a blood oxygen sensor, electrical heart sensor, and temperature sensor. It also has an updated version of the optical heart sensor, which the SE does have. This means that the SE won’t be as quick and responsive as the Series 9.

What’s new on Apple Watch 9?

The brand-new S9 SiP. Custom-designed Apple silicon enhances the watch’s capabilities, makes it more intuitive, and speeds up its performance. The new dual-core CPU boasts an impressive 5.6 billion transistors, a 60 percent increase compared to the S8 chip. Moreover, there’s a new four-core Neural Engine that handles machine learning tasks up to two times faster than before.

Will the Apple Series 9 have better battery life?

The S9 chip is so energy-efficient that the Series 9 maintains the same 18-hour battery life as its previous version.

What is the price for the Apple Series 9 Watch?

You can get the Apple Series 9 starting at $399 for the aluminum case models. If you prefer styles with a stainless steel case, they start at $699.

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